Post-publication discussions and corrections

Jurnal Ilmu Fisika (JIF) recognizes the importance of post-publication discussions and the responsibility to uphold the integrity of the scholarly record through appropriate corrections, as aligned with COPE's Core Practices.

Post-publication Debate:

JIF encourages scholarly debate post-publication via letters to the editor or comments on the publication platform. The journal may also engage with external moderated forums such as PubPeer to facilitate discussion.

Corrections and Revisions:

If errors are identified in published work, JIF will issue corrections or revisions to the article as needed. The corrected version will be linked to the original article and include a date stamp and description of the changes.

Article Retraction:

In cases of serious errors or ethical breaches, articles may be retracted. JIF will follow the retraction guidelines provided by COPE to ensure that retractions are transparent and maintain the integrity of the academic record.

Editorial Responsibilities:

The editorial team at JIF is committed to acting promptly in the event of post-publication issues and will ensure that discussions and corrections are handled professionally and in accordance with best practices.

This policy supports the continuous dialogue within the scientific community and the correction of the record when necessary.