Complaints and Appeals

Jurnal Ilmu Fisika (JIF) adheres to the guidelines set by COPE's Core Practices in handling complaints and appeals with fairness and professionalism.

Filing a Complaint:

Complaints should be submitted in written form to the editorial office, detailing the nature of the complaint and any supporting evidence.

Receipt and Acknowledgment:

Complaints will be acknowledged within seven working days, with an outline of the next steps and an estimated resolution timeline.


An impartial review of the complaint will be conducted, involving relevant discussions with all involved parties.


The complainant will receive a decision, including any actions taken to address the complaint and prevent future issues.

Appeals Process:

If the resolution is unsatisfactory, the complainant may file an appeal, which will be reviewed by a senior editorial member or an appointed ombudsman.


A confidential record of the complaint and the resolution process will be maintained to aid in improving practices and preventing recurrence.

This policy reflects JIF's commitment to ethical standards and responsible handling of complaints and appeals in the academic community.