Focus and Scope

Jurnal Ilmu Fisika (JIF) stands at the forefront of physics research, offering a dynamic platform that bridges traditional boundaries and delves deep into the heart of interdisciplinary studies. Our exploration begins with the atomic intricacies of nuclear and radiation physics, where we probe the marvels of reactor mechanisms, the enigmatic properties of radioisotopes, and the dance of neutron scattering.

Venturing into the realm of electronics and instrumentation physics, JIF illuminates the avant-garde innovations in sensor systems, intertwining the marvels of biomedical engineering and the precision of nuclear instrumentation. Our journey through the world of materials physics unveils the secrets of synthesis techniques, the potential of advanced materials, and the ethereal wonders of photonics and nanoscale marvels.

As we transition to theoretical and computational physics, JIF becomes a compass guiding readers through the vast expanse of high-energy realms, the mysteries of gravitation, the vastness of cosmology, and the intricacies of computational strategies. Our odyssey concludes in the embrace of Earth and atmospheric physics, resonating with the rhythms of geophysics, the ever-changing moods of meteorology and climatology, and the celestial allure of astronomy.

In every narrative, JIF seeks to offer fresh interdisciplinary perspectives, blending domains and fostering a unique dialogue in the physics community. Our scope is not just about subjects; it's about the confluence of ideas, the fusion of methodologies, and the symphony of discoveries that shape the future of physics.

ASJC Code: 3100 - General Physics and Astronomy