About the Journal

Jurnal Ilmu Fisika (JIF), the Journal of Physical Science (English), is an esteemed peer-reviewed open-access platform that stands at the crossroads of innovative physics research. Published biannually in March and September, JIF has been a paragon of scholarly excellence since its inception in 2009. Transitioning to the digital realm in March 2018, our reach and impact have grown exponentially.

Operating under the aegis of the Department of Physics at Universitas Andalas, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, our collaboration with the Physical Society Indonesia (PSI) sets us apart. PSI, a leading professional institution, intertwines closely with JIF, providing an elite roster of editorial members, peer reviewers, and prolific authors, all aligned with our focus and scopes. While we primarily intend to publish in English, we're inclusive, welcoming articles in other languages, subject to translation processes.

Our accolades speak for themselves. JIF proudly holds the 2nd level (Sinta 2) Indonesia Journal Accreditation, an honor bestowed by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia. This prestigious recognition, valid until December 2027, underscores our commitment to sustained academic rigor. Further, our indexing by platforms like DOAJ, Indonesia One Search, Google Scholar, and Dimensions attests to our global relevance.

ISSN: 2614-7386 (online) | 1979-4657 (print)