Ethical Oversight

Jurnal Ilmu Fisika (JIF) upholds rigorous ethical standards in line with COPE's Core Practices, encompassing all aspects of publication ethics, including research involving human and animal subjects, consent, and confidentiality.

Consent to Publication:

Authors are required to obtain explicit consent for publication from individuals who can be identified from the research or personal details within the submission.

Research on Vulnerable Populations:

Publications involving vulnerable groups must ensure ethical standards are met, with particular attention to consent and privacy rights.

Ethical Conduct in Animal Research:

For studies involving animals, authors must demonstrate compliance with ethical guidelines and must include evidence of ethical review approval.

Ethical Conduct in Human Subject Research:

Human subject research must conform to ethical standards, with informed consent and ethics committee approval explicitly stated in the manuscript.

Handling of Confidential Data:

The journal mandates the secure and confidential handling of data in accordance with legal and ethical standards for privacy and confidentiality.

Ethical Business and Marketing Practices:

JIF maintains the integrity of its editorial processes, independent of commercial interests or marketing strategies.

Our commitment to ethical oversight is essential for maintaining the integrity and credibility of the scientific record.