Jurnal Ilmu Fisika (JIF) embraces the principles of open science and supports the archiving of scholarly work in repositories. Consistent with the COPE's Core Practices, JIF allows authors to archive pre-prints, post-prints, and the published version of their articles, promoting the dissemination and preservation of scientific knowledge.

Pre-print Archiving:

Authors may deposit an early version of their work, known as a pre-print, in a repository of their choice. This version can be archived under the CC BY-NC license, which must be acknowledged by the authors when depositing.

Post-print Archiving:

Following the peer-review process, authors are permitted to archive the accepted version (post-print) of their manuscript. This includes the revisions made as a result of peer review and can be deposited with the same CC BY-NC license as the published version.

Published Version Archiving:

The final, published version of the article, as it appears in JIF, can also be deposited in any repository, providing authors and readers with a multitude of access points to the content under the CC BY-NC license.

License and Attribution:

All archived versions should attribute Jurnal Ilmu Fisika (JIF) as the original place of publication and include a link to the journal's website, along with the correct citation of the final article.

This repository policy is a testament to JIF's commitment to promoting access to scientific research and supporting the academic community in sharing their work widely and responsibly.