Data and Reproducibility

Jurnal Ilmu Fisika (JIF) upholds the principles of data sharing and reproducibility as advocated by COPE's Core Practices. Our policies facilitate transparency in data availability and the use of standardized reporting guidelines and study registrations.

Data Availability:

Authors are required to provide a clear statement on how their research data can be accessed, and, unless restricted by law or ethics, to make their data fully available upon publication.

Reporting Guidelines:

The journal encourages adherence to reporting guidelines that are relevant to the research design, enhancing the clarity and reproducibility of published work.

Registration of Studies:

Clinical trials and other study designs should be registered in a recognized public registry, and this registration should be indicated in the submitted manuscript.

Commitment to Reproducibility:

JIF is committed to the reproducibility of research and supports the transparent reporting of scientific studies to facilitate replication and verification.

By fostering these standards, JIF contributes to the integrity and robustness of the scientific record in the field of physical sciences.