Peer Review Process

Jurnal Ilmu Fisika (JIF) ensures that all manuscripts are subjected to a fair, unbiased, and transparent double-blind peer review process, as endorsed by COPE's Core Practices.

Peer Review Model:

JIF employs a double-blind peer review model where both the reviewers and the authors are anonymized to maintain impartiality and confidentiality throughout the review process.

Reviewer Selection:

At least two reviewers with expertise in the subject matter of the manuscript are carefully selected for each submission to provide objective and constructive feedback.

Reviewer Training:

JIF is committed to the continuous training of its editors and reviewers, ensuring they are well-versed in the ethical aspects and best practices of peer review.

Management of Peer Review:

The review process is meticulously managed to ensure timely, rigorous, and fair assessment of submitted manuscripts.

Conflicts of Interest:

Clear policies are in place to manage potential conflicts of interest for reviewers, authors, and editors, ensuring that any conflicts are disclosed and addressed appropriately.

Appeals and Disputes:

JIF provides a clear and structured process for handling appeals and disputes that may arise during the peer review process, ensuring a resolution that is in line with COPE guidelines.

This policy upholds the integrity of JIF’s peer review process and reinforces our commitment to excellence in scholarly publishing.