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Crushed is a feeling i get after I face a spiritual assault that usually seems to return as a flurry of fiery darts. Reality Bending Secrets Reviews These six or seven troubles confound my capacity to stand them one-by way of-one, and in being crushed i just tear up and well known that i will best be given what i can not change. It's miles all i will do so it's far all i do.

If you ever feel anything like this, please, you are not alone.

We don't need to be robust to be capable when we're susceptible. However we do prosper whilst we accept the status quo. We do no longer want to be afraid that we experience on my own. However we can understand and forgive our fear. You'll be amazed at the sheer quantity of individuals who fold beneath the load of non secular assault. You aren't on my own in what you feel or how intensely you feel it.

The enemy is strong and cunning. And whilst we are beneath attack, we do now not seem to don't forget just how infinitely sturdy god is. The most powerful factor god can say is you are not alone... I'm with you. God has now not and will by no means abandon us.

I am approximately unwell of the alienating message of ministers of god who say, you want to be strong, whilst scripture says, be strong... And brave. We in no way want to be brave while we are feeling sturdy. Whilst we're feeling robust we do not want god, that is a risky fallacy. It is simplest whilst we're feeling vulnerable and inclined that we need to be brave. Human beings most customarily want the opposite; permission to be weak, to overcome it via god's electricity. Whilst we experience weak we feel on my own. But whilst we know others are susceptible we realize we're within the business enterprise of buddies. And then weak spot, as a threat, melts away.