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Bio Statement EA Sports has released the 1.03 patch! 

This update includes the following changes in FIFA 18 ultimate team coin generator:


  • Added the following in FIFA Ultimate Team:
    • New functionality for Champions Channel, including failed shots and hidden timeline.
  • Fixed in FIFA Ultimate Team:
    • A problem with the display of extra time in the Champions Channel timeline.
    • A problem with EASFC catalog kits blocked on opposing teams in Squad Battles.
    • A problem in which the crowd would have incorrect flags when the local team carries a certain kit.
    • A problem in which a player could crash when watching a match of FUT Champions Channel.
    • A problem in which players could control the goalkeeper in FUT Single Player modes.
    • Changed the text of FUT Champions qualifying tournaments that said "Remaining Matches" for "Remaining Attempts"
    • Changed the text "Possible Points" in Squad Battles to "Projected Points"
    • Updating the images of loan players in the EASFC Catalog with fifa 18 coins points hack.
    • Visual improvements to some FUT item.
  • Solved in Gameplay:
    • Adjust the goalkeeper's reactions in certain situations.
    • The difficulty of: Amateur and Semi-Pro was reduced.
    • Decreased shooting accuracy and a slight increase in goalkeeper reaction times in certain game situations with free fifa 18 hack.
  • Added the following in The Journey Hunter Returns:
    • Icons in cinematographic scenes to indicate the action triggered by the user.
    • The actions taken are: Personality, FIFA 17 Result, Result of the match, Key decision, Player performance, Team performance, Partner rank
  • He addressed the following fifa 18 fut coins cheats in The Journey Hunter Returns:
    • A problem in which the player could crash during a kinematics in Chapter 5.
  • The following was added in Career mode:
    • The option to delegate contract renewals has been added.
    • Allow users to renegotiate the contract with a player whose release clause has been paid.
  • Approached the following in race mode:
    • A problem in which users could use a borrower as part of a transfer agreement.
    • A topic in which Breaking News was not updated.
  • Addressed the following in online modes:
    • A problem in Pro Clubs where a player could return to an invisible lobby after a game.
    • Enable opponent's flags in online matches.
    • Improvements were made to the clashing logic kit.
  • Audio / Visual / Presentation Changes:
    • The Bundesliga transmission package of fifa 18 hack tool this season was added.
    • Fixed several minor audio issues.
    • Improvements in the animations of the goal net.