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Bio Statement Happy birthday images and songs At that time, the brightest excitement had been at the St. Marien Hospital for hours. Early on, Sister Elisabeth had made a shocking discovery. When she entered the room, she did not trust her eyes. Frau Lauer and Frau Recktenwald lay peacefully asleep in bed - but with green hair. Yes, with grass-green hair! Suddenly, Sister Elizabeth, "Oh, God, join me!" Then she looked carefully again: birthday images Fraulein Werner and Frau Holzer lay there as always; Miss Werner with her long silky blond hair and Frau Holzer with her flowing chestnut curls. But Mrs. Lauer and Mrs. Recktenwald, these two amiable old ladies, had grass-green hair. No doubt, it was a lush greenery. "Oh, Jesus help me, our Father, who are in heaven ..." As soon as she could, Sister Elisabeth inspected the other rooms. With the exception of room 418, she always looked the same: all the older ladies had grass-green hair. Only Grandma Jennewein's hair hung down in graceful gray over the edge of the bed. "O Lord, help me, O Jesus, help!"

Happy birthday images and songs Sister Elisabeth was an experienced and prudent sister. When she had overcome the first shock, she knew what to do. First she called to Pastor Gotthold, then she had the hospital director Professor Eckstein informed. Both would be hurrying as fast as possible. Details could not be discussed on the phone. 'Keep Calm. Just no excitement. Do not panic. Our Father, who art in heaven ... "After a brief consultation with the technical management, she called all the nurses. The awakening would have to be postponed by an hour. In a few minutes the circuits III and IV would be interrupted, that is, no light on the stations. However, circuits I and II, which fed the medically necessary equipment, would continue to function. Whatever happens - keep calm, no excitement, no panic, wait for further instructions.

Happy birthday images and songs Only a few minutes later, Pastor Gotthold and Professor Eckstein hurried in. They had already bounced in the elevator, both very excited, but no one knew what had happened. Sister Elisabeth described the situation calmly and objectively, and she seemed to be clear. However, this story was too fancy. It was only after they had convinced themselves with their own eyes that Pastor Gotthold and Professor Eckstein gradually became aware of the problem. Pastor Gotthold was entrusted with psychological support for the sisterhood and the patients. Sister Elisabeth was to coordinate the emergency measures at the different stations. Professor Eckstein took over the central administration.

Happy birthday images and songs First of all, the professor had to get an overall picture. In his room, he informed himself about the situation on the stations. It was like bewitched. Grassy hair, almost everywhere. But at the men's station everything was quiet as always. No special incidents. When Sister Angelika announced, "At the childbirth center everything is in the green area," Professor Eckstein shrank. Luckily, he asked again, and then he could relieve himself of the fact that everything was all right at the birthplace; as you say, all in the green. But for such language games, Professor Eckstein now had no sense. The situation was serious. Bitter Ernst. Clear logic was needed. Strange, very strange! Why was it only women and no men? And why was not a single woman affected at the birthplace?